Ways to get started

From small, focused projects and training, to larger engagements and management consulting, we’re happy to help. Here are a few ways we can get started.


We often get started with a sophisticated assessment of your employer brand alongside key competitors, followed by collaborative work sessions to create a well differentiated EVP, sub-offerings for different roles, and a comprehensive employer brand plan

Recruiting, training & coaching

We can lead best practices workshops on anything from employer brand management, to candidate experience and design thinking. We can help tune up your recruiters’ skillsets in sourcing, social recruiting and screening. We can train hiring managers and teams in interview and selection skills. We also work with individuals on select issues.


One easy way to get started is to add a layer of experience design to your recruiting process and candidate journey. Or to onboarding and employee experience. We facilitate the work sessions and collaborate with you to fit the experience to your organization and brand.


If you need to rethink a process, or even a system of processes to update them to current best practices, or just want to better integrate them, we can be your team’s facilitator, creative thought partner and get-done assistant.

Creative Content & production

Creative concepts, web and social media design, video, events. We can help you strategize, plan, create and produce all the digital and physical assets you need to support any of your employer brand, talent acquisition, employee engagement and related efforts.

Custom, blended projects

Many of our clients need more than one thing, often at the same time. Just let us know what needs to be done, and we’ll help figure out how to do it.