Agile framework

Employera’s agile framework ensures the work we do is rooted in a clear understanding of the present situation, and results in solutions that are collaboratively designed to fit your organization’s unique challenges, opportunities, and goals. Our rapid implementation strategy begins generating feedback and business impact quickly.

Data, analysis, assessment

We conduct a thorough review of the relevant data and analysis your organization already possesses, and gather data and benchmarks as needed to gain a clear picture of the current situation, and form the basis for strategic insights.

Collaborative solution design

Armed with data, insight and strategic options, we apply modern best practices and design thinking, working collaboratively with client teams to create authentic, pragmatic and custom solutions. The process itself is designed to educate and ensure cross-functional internal buy-in, so solutions implement faster and stick.

Rapid implementation

Our goal is to get well-designed, pragmatic solutions up and running quickly, so that feedback, iteration and ROI can be generated immediately. Establishing KPIs, training, coaching, simulations, testing, management oversight – we provide everything required to implement solutions rapidly.


We know first-hand how critical it is to measure and report on how a solution is performing against plan. We can help you monitor and evaluate KPIs at multiple levels: process, individual, group, business unit, and overall business impact.