Employee communications, and more

At its best, employee communications is a two-way conversation that keeps management and employees connected, and strategically and culturally aligned. It supports high performance, organizational change, and continuous improvement. We can help your program make the transition.

We bring world-class experience with large brands, and a mix of diverse backgrounds across employee communications, change management, channels, platforms, events, engagement and culture, inclusion and diversity, branding, social media, advertising and public relations. And everything we do is informed by Employera's tools, perspectives and the combined perspectives of a practice totally focused on strategic alignment and optimizing employee experience.

Employera's Employee Communications IQTM provides a sophisticated baseline assessment of the current state of all core aspects of your EC program--strategy and plan, content, channels, engagement, recall, etc. It provides a solid foundation for strategy, planning and program execution. We also use it to tune ongoing efforts, in combination with surveys and focus groups, to drive continuous improvement, higher engagement and effectiveness, and greater ROI for your employee communications programs.


  • Full service agency
  • Strategic consulting
  • Assessment
  • Strategy and planning
  • Channel strategy and design
  • Content development
  • Town halls and other meetings
  • Mergers, acquisitions, layoffs, crisis
  • Speaker training and coaching - customized around speaking to employees
  • Hire us as interim head of employee communications