About us

Employera helps large and mid-sized companies solve difficult challenges in attracting, hiring and keeping the right people in highly competitive talent markets.

We're an interdisciplinary team of management consultants, branders, talent acquisition and engagement pros, communicators and experience designers.

We provide strategic consulting, human-centered design and support services across employer branding, recruiting operations consulting, employee engagement, culture, and experience design.

We're good at fostering successful collaboration between HR, hiring managers, internal marketing and communications resources, and the executive suite to create shared strategy, role clarity and efficient execution in support of critical talent operations.

Our approach combines a cross-functional perspective and subject matter experts, custom analytics and insights, design thinking, and the latest best practices frameworks.

We know how things connect, and bring a uniquely rich, pragmatic and integrated perspective to every assignment. We work well with your organizational stakeholders, as well as any other consultants, branding and communications agency partners, and process outsourcers you may have. And our agile, collaborative approach produces practical solutions that generate significant improvements quickly.

Employera's senior leaders have been executives in, as well as advisors to high profile organizations from Fortune 500 companies to notable mid-size companies, in for-profit and non-profits across a diverse range of industries.

Our clients span consumer goods, retail, financial services, manufacturing, technology, aerospace, and defense.